If you carry a phone, you will want to install this free app.

It’s time for Tapestri to help YOU tap into earnings and cut out big tech altogether. They already make enough on us. 😉

Tapestri puts the power in YOUR pocket by helping you earn on the data you currently give to the big tech who’s been selling it to the highest bidder for years.

1. It’s free to install

2. Every user can set it and forget it to earn up to $25 per month simply by activating the app and carrying your phone with you, as you do already.

3. Tap A Friend, Earn A Buck: Tapestri pays you $1 per month per active referral!

How many friends with phones would like an extra $25 bucks a month?

Simply send them a Tapestri invite from the app!

Tapestri – It’s your data, you should get paid for it!

You have to pre-register to be notified when Tapestri is available to install on your phone and we WILL be sending that email soon.


1. Get the APP in everyone’s hands ASAP – We already have Android approval. Just waiting on Apple so it won’t be that long.

2. Make it simple for EVERYONE to earn for doing what they already do daily anyway; create data and carry a cell phone.

It’s launching within 3 weeks.

Put our mission to the test and help us test this app.

Let’s see how much money from your data flows to you instead of big tech!

NOTE: It’s not live yet but we need beta testers.

 Pre-register for early bird access Click Here!


Warm Regards,

Al Borchers


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