To All Network Marketers – Who Are You Recruiting?

To All Network Marketers - Who Are You Recruiting?

I think it would be safe to say that a sizable chunk of you reading this article right now are network marketers. So am I. The answer to my titled question, “Who Are You Recruiting?” is a very important one. It’s so important that if you’re unable to answer the question correctly, then it’s highly unlikely you will survive long enough to achieve the goals and dreams you want using network marketing as the vehicle to get you there.

What gives me the right to say that?


It took me years to discover my upline sponsors were directing me in the wrong way on how to get started building my network marketing business.

They would say, “You know at least 1000 people!” and in my mind, I was like, “The Hell I Do?” But they would insist that every person knows at least 1000 people, you just needed something to help “jog” your memory. I even had one guy make an appointment with me to come over to my house to help me “Make a List.” It was awkward and a total waste of time.

I was told to contact my mailman, my plumber, my next-door neighbor, my electrician, my dentist, my doctor, old teachers, and my butcher, baker, and candlestick maker. Anybody relate?

Being an introvert didn’t help matters when it came to contacting these people. But at the time I was told, “Ahhh don’t worry about that, you just need to get out of your comfort zone.” And maybe they were right to a point. I did “get” out of my comfort zone. But I failed miserably contacting these so-called people I knew. They didn’t want any part of my “pyramid scheme” as they called it.

Despite the legitimacy of the network marketing model, and by the way. we ALL owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to the old AMWAY corporation and the millions of dollars they spent fighting for the legitimacy of our industry in the courts. Had it not been for AMWAY, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. But anyway, despite our industry is legit, there’s still a dark cloud over the heads of everyday people when you say the words network marketing. There was one company I was a distributor for that encouraged me not to utter the word network marketing or MLM. I was told when asked, “What is it?” to say it was referral marketing. Sad… but true.

So who ARE you recruiting?

Forget those business opportunity seeker lists you see in some of the industry magazines. The people on those lists are basically “tire-kickers” and “looky-lou’s” and will hardly ever make the commitment to “put some skin in the game” in joining you. No, the best way for network marketers to recruit, is to recruit people who are or were already in network marketing. And here’s the million-dollar secret to it all. Not only should YOU recruit network marketers, BUT you should be teaching your downline to do the same.

Here’s another tip. I even go so far as to supply my new members in getting started 1000 leads from fresh network marketing genealogy lead lists. The people on these lists are our TARGET MARKET folks. You should be feeding these leads to your downline constantly.

Lastly, in this day and age of the smartphone and people’s heads bent over staring at their devices all the time, you would think people in our industry wouldn’t be afraid to ACTUALLY call folks about their opportunity.

For God’s sake, use your smartphone to call and actually TALK to these people on genealogy lists. I’m telling you, using your smartphone in that manner will differentiate you from everybody else out there and you will get your business in front of your target market consistently.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Getting your opportunity in front of the right people?

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Importance of Marketing Automation for B2B Marketers: Response to How and Why

Importance of Marketing Automation for B2B Marketers: Response to How and Why

Marketing automation has been around for some time now and lots of new marketing automation services are accessible in the market for B2B marketers to focus on the right prospects. Marketing automation services today give total marketing integration with the goal that marketers can enjoy smooth coordination with all the top CRM solutions, as well. One more crucial perspective addressed by this service is sales-marketing alignment. This issue is confusing including people, techniques and the debate over quality versus the number of leads represents a huge challenge also.

The apparent meaning of “qualified leads” fluctuates between both teams and there is an impressive difference over the need for lead nurturing.

These days there are different tools accessible to the purchasers which help them to decide on the right buying decisions. Consequently, the businesses need to change their marketing position and guide the prospects over automation software. This product urges the buyers to consider and after that select a particular product/service. This is carried out basically through the proper timing of the right messages.

A strong marketing automation platform can lead to better arrangements among sales and marketing. It efficiently prioritizes leads and reduces the business cycle. It offers advanced capacities to make cooperation between the two teams much simpler. The following features of marketing automation will help to bridge the divide.

  • Tracking the behavior of visitors on the website.
  • Increase superior lead intelligence that can reduce the sales cycle.
  • Analytics to help the two teams equally to identify the opportunities for business to follow.
  • Measuring the visitor intent and interest levels.
  • Analyze lead scores with the use of a personalized lead scoring algorithm, which both teams can collaborate on to describe what makes a prospect “sales-ready”.

Here are a few tips that can truly help you choose the right marketing automation tool for your business:

  1. Look for an answer that can provide you with substantial and quantifiable results. It must have the capacity to successfully save money on expenses while giving the best lead nurturing and lead generation abilities. This is possible when the tools can guarantee enhanced lead conversion rates and economical ways for lead generation.
  2. A device that follows best practices for lead nurturing would be a more secure bet, as such tools can also offer consistent updates on visitor objectives and activities on site.
  3. Staying clear of various frameworks for tracking leads is clever. Try focusing on an answer that can provide ways and means to encourage email marketing campaigns, for example, drip marketing, and so forth.
  4. Pay attention to a flexible and versatile marketing automation device that can coordinate numerous CRM frameworks and quicken marketing campaigns and related operations for your enterprise.
  5. A buyer-driven solution will work marvels for your business as it can guarantee that your marketing and sales campaigns are customized.

Remember that around 70% of your prospects may result in buying your product; then it turns out to be essential for businesses to confirm that their leads are nurtured. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can expect the best results in your efforts for the best marketing automation solution.