Network Marketing Success: A Simple Strategy

If you are looking for network marketing success, I would like to tell you that success in network marketing is not magic: there are no secrets. You should stop searching for exotic solutions and learn that success simply takes discipline and action.

The formula for success is simple but takes time, commitment, persistence, and patience. The following is a simple formula for network marketing success.

1. Generate your own leads.
I do not recommend buying leads; most lead brokers are looking to rip you off. Their leads are shared with many other network marketers, and when you call the leads, they are often already disgusted by the attentions of other pushy, aggressive network marketers. If you are not sure how to generate your leads, then you need to learn the basics of both direct and Internet marketing; there are plenty of courses in which you can enroll. Using internet marketing as a lead generation tool, in particular, allows you to put your lead generation on autopilot, it allows you to make the whole world under your reach and one email away from you.

2. Prospect your leads.
Call your leads, build a relationship with them, and try to get to know them. Your job is simply to inform them about your opportunity; it is not your responsibility to ensure that they join. Do not be pushy, aggressive, or manipulative. Your job is to find their dreams, desires and see if your opportunity is right for them. In prospecting, you need to place your prospect’s interests before yours. Your prospect can sense your intentions.

3. Connect your leads with your team.
Invite them to your company conference calls or to your own presentations. Invite them to be a part of the family. If your company does not offer regular conference calls then it is your responsibility as a leader to arrange them for your team.

4.Follow up with your leads.
Most prospects are never going to sign up from the first contact, they need time to investigate the opportunity, and they need time to feel comfortable working with you. So, keep growing this relationship, and keep connecting them with other team members.

5. Sponsor your leads.
Ask them if they are ready to join. Make sure you connect them with the system; keep building your relationship with them so that they stick with you for a long time. Introduce them to more team members.

6.Teach your team what you did.
In order to achieve momentum, your team should be connected with a training program, so they can duplicate and replicate you.

This network marketing strategy if followed should lead to a progressive & exploding organization.