Hi, my name is Al Borchers & I currently reside in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

During my adult career, I have done almost everything, ranging from working in the Steel Mills, Construction, Retail, Tile Installer, owner/operator Taxi Driver,(1980-1984 way before Uber!), and eventually ended up in Sales & Management in the Automobile Industry. Was a General Sales and Finance Manager for a large Automobile Franchise, and managed 3 satellite locations.

I started building Web Sites in 1999 mostly as a hobby and discovered Online Marketing. I was fortunate to be involved with some “Big Hitters” and made some serious money! I started a SafeList Advertising site in December 2001.  Also started an email server in 2003 to handle all the email, (pre-Gmail)

In 2006 I fell into a great M-F Corporate job with benefits, vacations, etc and slowly slacked off my online marketing.

Well, got laid off in 2010,  so… back to doing what I am truly passionate about, and that’s (you guessed it) Online Marketing!

Currently, am retired,  I still build Mobile Websites, WP Websites, WP Plugins, and more.

Thanks for visiting!